I hold my soul together with yarn, rock climbing and black cat kisses.

crazy cat(s)

I just want to love myself and in return not give a fuck about what other people think of me.

Tuesday April 15th
Tuesday April 15th
Tuesday April 15th
Dude, your sternum piece is just breath taking. I'm going back soon to get my sternum finished and I was wondering a) how many hours did yours take? and b) how did the shading feel in that area? I am so stoked to get mine finished, seeing yours has made my heart jump into a faster pace and now I'm craving that needle in my skin. Did you draw that beautiful artwork by any chance? Have a good day~ asked by extraterrestrialhitchhiker

Thank you! It took roughly three and a half hours and the pain wasn’t as bad as I expected until around the third hour where I started getting really squirmy. I did not draw it, but a beautiful artist I know did!

Tuesday April 15th
Monday April 14th
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